The mission of the FC Bayern München Fan Club Long Island NY (“Fan Club”) is to connect FC Bayern München fans from Long Island NY with other FC Bayern München fans from the New York metropolitan tri-state area and with other FC Bayern München fan clubs throughout the United States and Germany.  A major goal of the Fan Club is to offer a congenial environment that allows both the Fan Club’s members and their guests to support the FC Bayern München team and the Fan Club. To ensure the wellbeing of the Fan Club’s members and guests, each Fan Club member agrees to follow the following set of simple rules:

1. All Fan Club members are ambassadors of the FC Bayern München team and of the Fan Club.  Therefore, each member shall behave in a cordial, respectful and polite manner when wearing an FC Bayern München jersey or other FC Bayern München article of clothing.

2. The Fan Club and its members are guests at the Prost Grill and Garten in Garden City, NY and other venues in New York.  Each Fan Club member shall be polite and respectful toward fans and members of other clubs, as well as the staff and employees of these facilities.   No Fan Club member shall condone abusive, aggressive or condescending behavior towards any person. Because the mission of the Fan Club is to promote sportsmanship and collegiality, no member shall engage in discussions of controversial topics not relevant to soccer.  All members and guests must be respectful of the opinions of other persons in attendance at Fan Club meetings, including other person's’ political opinions and/or their support of other sports teams.

3. No Fan Club member shall engage in drunken or violent behavior while attending any Fan Club meeting or event.

4. The policy of the Fan Club is to fully comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in the area of non-discrimination. Discrimination against members and their guests due to race, color, religion, sex (including sexual harassment), national origin, disability, age, military and veteran status is prohibited.

5. Fan Club members who are found to be in violation of this Code of Conduct shall be subject to discipline, which may include a ban from the Fan Club’s Facebook group, the Fan Club venues and possible termination of membership in the Fan Club.here

Approved and Vote at the Board Meeting 09/07/2017 Long Island, NY